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Yassi Jahanmir is an Iranian Italian American theatre director, currently based in Reno, NV. Known for her global approach, collectivist process, and audacious physicality, Yassi has helmed a variety of productions from Ancient Greek tragedy to commedia dell’arte to experimental and brand-new work. Yassi has worked as a director and educator in the United States (New York City, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan), Kuwait, UAE, and Italy. Trained as a theatre historian, Yassi is invested in connecting the historical context of the play to present-day conditions. Trained as a synchronized swimmer, Yassi is attentive to detail, loves hypertheatricality and the absurd. Yassi co-founded the Tucson Fringe Festival, which is now in its twelfth year. She holds degrees in theater and performance studies from UC Berkeley, NYU, and UC Santa Barbara.

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